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Our investment philosophy of Preserve, Protect, and Grow is rooted in the belief that: 

  • Market risk is not fixed but varies over a full market cycle.
  • Asset allocation needs to be dynamically adjusted throughout the market cycle in relation to the amount of risk we are observing and the expected returns for that risk.
  • Managing risk should be driven by a disciplined quantitative process that is measurable and focused on a long-term investment horizon.
  • Investor behavioral biases (i.e. fear and greed) are the main drivers of varying risk levels observed throughout a full market cycle.
  • Portfolios need to be diversified not only by traditional asset classes (i.e. stocks and bonds), but also by non-correlated return streams (i.e. managed futures, merger arbitrage, and private equity).
  • Minimizing draw-downs allows for greater growth of portfolio values through the power of compounding returns.


We take a holistic approach to managing your financial assets by incorporating your entire financial picture before arriving to a mutually agreed upon risk tolerance level. 

We construct global diversified portfolios by combining multiple asset classes and non-correlated return streams into a comprehensive asset allocation program. Portfolios undergo a risk score analysis to ensure your portfolio matches your desired risk tolerance level. 

Since risk is not static, we utilize an Active Risk Management (ARM) tool that provides an objective way to observe risk in the market. The composition of our ARM tool includes: 

  • Technical
  • Valuation
  • Qualitative
  • Macroeconomic

Using this information, we then dynamically adjust portfolio asset allocation weights to take the right amount of risk at the right time. 

Just as investment risk is variable, your risk tolerance can vary over time. We periodically meet to review your financial situation to ensure you are still in the appropriate risk tolerance program. 


Investment Committee

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Jamie Upson


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Joseph Gauvin


Portfolio Solutions

Diversified Portfolio

Comprehensive asset allocation program including multiple asset classes and non-correlated return stream products that are dynamically adjusted based on the amount of observed risk in the market. The primary investment vehicle are ETFs followed by mutual funds.

U.S. Stock Portfolio

A composition of 20-50 companies that score well based on four factors that include: Value, Quality, Momentum, and Yield. The portfolio focuses on companies found within the S&P1500 index. Sector weights are unconstrained. The primary investment vehicle are stocks followed by ETFs.